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    Reading in Berlin

    This weekend I’ll be in Berlin. I have a reading there on Friday evening at Kulturbremse, Jagowstr. 29 in Berlin Moabit. I’m sharing the reading with Bernhard Stäber. The organiser has called it the “Welten” (=Worlds) reading, because our books each have the word “Welten” in the title. Ju Honisch „Weltendiebe“ In the cellar of an old villa in Munich there is an interdimensional weak spot. Every few decades, nefarious world-jumpers seek to open it from the outside to steal into our world. The last opening happened in 1952, and just now it has been opened again. Anne’s grandmother is horrified when she finds out that her granddaughter works in the very house where she experienced unbelievably terrible things back then. She remembers, but won’t speak. So Anne has no idea how dangerous the men are who suddenly appear in her life. Only when her sister Ev disappears and ominous…

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    Saar Online Book Fair

    The Saar Online Book Fair is over. What has remained is a reading from the book “Elgar Eisbär und die Zivilisation” with a short interview afterwards.           The book fair was well organised, even though I probably didn’t use or even find all the options for interaction. My little avatar bravely trudged through the rooms, but only found some people for a conversation once.           The events and readings were interesting. As I am a big Ben Aaronovitch fan, I was particularly pleased to watch his contribution. It was also nice to see Tad Williams again, whom I had met once at a living room reading at Friedberg. If you want to listen to my reading, please follow the links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/102874055328774/videos/254215736475802 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkSnRC1pdWM Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1060985923  

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    Stay home and read a book

    So. Since I don’t want to start each one of my entries with an excuse for not having posted anything for such a long time, I’ll start without further ado. My polar bear was to be presented at Leipzig Book Fair, which unfortunately didn’t take place due to Covid19. “Elgar Polar Bear and Civilisation” . This somewhat episodic book describes the adventures of polar bear Elgar whose ice floe completely melted from under his furry posterior, and who – since he does not want to die out yet –has come to live in our human civilisation. In his endeavour to learn more about civilised urban life he watches and comments our civilisation from his ursine perspective.     I have been asked whether this is fantasy since it pretty much consists of satirical elements. Well, it is satire,  and it is speculative fiction. Science fiction and  fantasy have always been close…

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    Frankfurt Book Fair

    The main event of last week was Frankfurt Book Fair and, successively, BuCon, the Book Fair Convention. The actual fair saw me only for one day. But this was enough to show my face and to meet some nice people. Towards the evening it was getting even more interesting. After the traditional fantasy authors’ Chinese food run, we continued to party at the Galactic Forum. This promising name has been given to the annual Perry Rhodan Publisher’s Party. It was the second time they invited me – Thank you, I hope you will invite me again, folks!) I’m not really an ardent party goer and tend to feel lost and overwhelmed very quickly at big dos. But this party is really nice: cozy enough to feel welcome and frequented enough to meet everyone who is someone in this scene and in this genre. I won’t go into name-dropping mode here.…

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    Interview at the Leipzig Book Fair

    When I was at the Leipzig Book Fair, I met two very nicebloggers who quite without a previous plan did an interview with me. None of us had prepared anything, so both the questions and the answers were as impromptu as you get them. I think we did not do too badly for that. – The interview is in German.

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    … and the winner is … me …

    And what was it like? It was great. Exhausting, but quite overwhelming. Last week, I went to Leipzig Book Fair. I only tend to go to big fairs, when I have something to do there. Just strolling from booth to booth would be a little too tedious for me. But this year, I really could not complain. Four readings. A Meet & Greet with literary bloggers at the Heyne (Random House) stand. An interview with a nice blogger couple. And several visits to my agent, who this time had his own booth. The big news, however, is: I won the SERAPH – Best Book 2014 ! Together with Oliver Plaschka , who was also was nominated, I sat in the audience and waited for the decision. I really did not believe I would win the award. Accordingly, I was pretty speechless when “Schwingen aus Stein” (Wings of Stone) was announced…

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    And here is a small preview of my endeavours planned for the Leipzig Book Fair: I shall have my first reading on Thursday, March 13, at 12:30 a.m. reading from “Schwingen aus Stein” (Wings of Stone) Fantasy Reading Island , Hall 2, Stand H309/K309 Also, on the same day there will be the SEARPH award ceremony with a (surprise) reading by the two winners. Since I made it to the shortlist, I will of course be there, sitting around nervously. You may keep your fingers crossed. SERAPH Awards Ceremony 2014 13 March 2014 | 17:00 – 18:00 h Awards for the best fantasy novels and novel newcomer of the year and awarding the SERAPH Location : Reading island Fantasy hall 2, booth H309/K309 SERAPH Award winner reading at Stadtwerke Leipzig 13 March 2014 | 20:00 Location: Stadtwerke, Energie- und Umweltzentrum , Katharinenstraße 17 , 04109 , Leipzig ( center )…