Enchanted nights at Linn Castle – reading

On September 18, I did a reading at Burg Linn. It was the first “real” reading with an actual audience instead of a digital one. I enjoyed it. The audience seemed to enjoy it, too. Bernhard Hennen moderated the event and had me tell some of my adventures from my time in Ireland. So I didn’t just read, but also told some anecdotes.












Before the reading, the nice man from the city of Krefeld showed me around the castle. It is a beautiful old castle with a moat and everything you could wish for. The reading took place in the upper knights’ hall. The ambience is wonderful between the old walls and tapestries. The readings of the “Verwunschene Nächte = Enchanted Nights” take place here every two to four weeks.

The reading was well attended, which made me very happy. That is not a matter of course during a pandemic. I hope very much that I will be invited to come to the Enchanted Nights again. To have real people again as an audience and not just as a nickname on the right edge of the PC monitor – if at all – was wonderful. Of course I am grateful that there were online readings last year and thank everyone who organised them. But nothing compared to the event at Linn Castle.









For the overnight stay, they put me up in the guest room in the 19th century hunting lodge. I had the little castle all to myself, so to speak, and felt like the lady of the manor.
The Krefeld district of Linn around the castle is also old and idyllic. Beautiful old cottages and quaint little streets and lanes. I was happy to be allowed to park next to the castle, otherwise it would have been difficult. Late medieval and early modern alleys managed wonderfully without parking spaces.

By the way, I read from “Weltendiebe” and “Elgar Eisbär“.

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