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2023 – readings and other events

The new year has started and I am in the process of organising readings for this year. There are a few events that I’d like to go to. At some of them I have read many times before. Some are new. Some would interest me, but are rather too far away and difficult to organise.

Bucon 22

Most readings at fantasy events (festivals or conventions) tend to be unpaid. Some organisers offer accommodation or even a travel allowance. But that has become rare. So you have to think very carefully about whether or where you want to go. As always with advertising measures, you have to weigh up the positive effects against the possible costs. When I still had a day job, I was more relaxed about that.

Then you also have to decide whether you want to “just” read somewhere or perhaps also offer a book table. Of course, the latter is never free of charge. Moreover, you have to sit at your table from beginning to end. Because of the books, you can’t take the train or other public transport, but have to go by car. I hate having to drive long distances.

So I have to think carefully about what I shall do. I love to read to an audience. I love to captivate my listeners.

FeenCon 2010

Sitting at a book table and for hours on end is rather less fun. But even that has its moments, because of all the nice people come to me to me. It’s always nice to have a little chat with (potential) readers.

Well. And then, of course, people should buy the books. Preferably by the dozen.

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