The Author

I grew up in Bavaria where I went to school and graduated from Munich University (English and history). I wrote my first novel secretly at school at the tender age of thirteen, unpublished and hidden away where hopefully no one will ever find it. An M.A. and two state exams led the way into the publishing industry and from there into professional writing: short stories, novels, poems and songs. Foto Copyright 2009 Arne Homborg

The vagaries of love are to blame for my relocation to Hesse.

Much of what I write can be found along the fantasy fringe. However, you will not stumble over sweet fairies or soppy elves in my work. I like excitement and adventure. I love black humour. And what I like is what you get.

Bild Copyright Brigitte Fielicke - Überreichung des Deutschen Phantastikpreises 2009 an Ju Honisch

Obviously my readers also like excitement, adventure and black humour for they chose my novel “Das Obsidianherz” to be the recipient of the 2009 Deutsche Phantastik Preis /German SF and Fantasy Award (in the category best newcomer novel). This makes me very happy. In 2014, this was followed by the “Seraph” Award for “Schwingen aus Stein” in the category “Best Book”. Dear readers, thank you for your opinion and your vote – I promise it will stay exciting!

Why fantasy?

I have always liked to explore the fringe, the neglected and much maligned genre literature and other topics away from the mainstream. Indeed I even followed this predilection during my university studies.

I never believed that a genre classification in itself was more than a mere label to enable a librarian to set a book on a certain shelf. I like fantasy and science fiction – and have absolutely no qualms about admitting that.

We all need imagination. It won’t hurt to think beyond the narrow limits of everyday life and to let your fancy ramble in the realms of wonder. And nobody is going to bite you if you do.


The world is full of colours. Time to remove our black and white glasses.