Book Trailer

The trailer for “Obsidian Hearts”

Switch on your loudspeakers and put on your glasses (you’ll need them!).

The screen text is in German. Here’s the translation:
The Kingdom of Bavaria
In 1865
It’s the time of “Mad” King Louis II.
In Munich good and evil meet in confrontation
Both sides are searching for a magical manuscript
The stolen artefact grants the initiated the power.
. to utterly transform the world
And Corrisande Jarrencourt becomes the coveted target of a monster
Three audacious officers are sent to save the world.
.by sacrificing the girl?
And what role does the inquisition play in all this?

Oh! And for my morally inclined friends – the DECENCY WARNING: Caution! Contains classical paintings (And you know the dress code in those, so make sure you are at least 18. Or blind.)
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The trailer for “Salzträume”

The new trailer for “Salzträume” (Dreams of Salt) is online. It has been a lot of hard work and I wish to thank my writer colleague Olga Krouk for the work she did in the implementation of the raw data.
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The captions are in German. Here is a translation:

In the cave system of the “Totes Gebirge” (=Dead Mountains)
reckless conspirers are building the ultimate doomsday weapon.
In it, the mythical Fey are processed to extract their arcane life energy
Together with a Feyon Charlotte flees into the night…
and finds herself locked into a cave system
…with a vampire.
Three ladies start out to rescue the missing people.
Who will pay with her life in the end?


The trailer for”Bisse”

Updated – my husband made a trailer for my short story collection “BISSE” (=BITES).
I composed the music, he set it to sound: a joint venture.

It’s in German, as are the stories. Here’s the translation of captions:

by Ju Honisch

Everything is quite normal.
Or is it?
– What will you do
if the toy of your neighbours’ children is no toy after all?
– And what if youth and beauty are nothing but a loan you have to pay back rather suddenly?
– Where will you hide when your doctor has a predilection for blood letting?

Horror can be found in everyday life…


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It’s the time of “Mad” King Louis II. In Munich good and evil meet in confrontation.